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This site was put up for fun by my son Craig – the scooters in the images have all been restored by me (Bernard) one of them I’ve done twice as he couldn’t make up his mind on the colour.

We find tired and/or neglected Italian Lambrettas (and the occasional Vespa & Serveta) and restore them to better than original standard, then generally sell them at some point, usually making about £20 profit on a good day!

We’re not really a business, and if we were, you wouldn’t buy shares as we’re not profitable.
This is more of a professional hobby for me. I’m a retired ex Daimler/Jaguar craftsman trained in bodywork & mechanics (before engine management systems – I struggle to change a spark plug these days!).

Having retired a few years ago and now a widower, I found myself with nothing to occupy my time until my son bought an Indian Lambretta GP150 from a nice chap in Wales which looked quite good but turned out to be a death-trap. I had to completely rebuild it, including engine rebuild, electrical rewiring, complete body strip & rebuild, then I sprayed it with twin pack paint to finish the job. It turned out to look really good and I found a new hobby.

Since then I’ve rebuilt 20+ Lambrettas & Vespas to arguably better than manufactured standard, many of which are in the restorations section. Initially my son kept them, but when we got to 7 sitting in the garage, and no room for me to work, he reluctantly sold a few to make space as they weren’t getting ridden.

Check out the images for examples of scooters that have been ‘alchemised’.

N.B. We’re not dealers, we restore scooters – we think there’s a big difference. 

© 2009 > 2017 Scooter Alchemy V. 4